Solution for demand and increasingly complex production lines.

67% of companies without inventory and demand control software experience problems shortage or oversupply.

Not having demand and inventory control software can have several negative consequences for a company, including:

Lack of information

Without a reporting and alerting system, it is difficult to understand demand patterns and make informed inventory decisions.

Loss of business opportunities

Without efficient inventory control, business opportunities may be lost by not being able to keep up with customer demand.

Efficiency issues

Without an automated inventory management system, manual errors are more likely to occur, which can lead to delays and increase operating costs.

Improve your efficiency by 25% in inventory management

Demand and inventory control software is a computer tool used to manage and monitor a company’s inventories. It allows:

The main objective is to maximize the efficiency and profitability of the inventory, reducing costs and avoiding shortages or oversupply problems.

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Forecast Base and Collaborative Generation

Demand Planning

Trade Promotion Forecasting/Optimization​



Inventory Modeling​

MIX and Lot Size Optimization​

Multi-step optimization



Automatic replenishment​

Validation Capacity

Monitoring Current Plan​

Advanced Probabilistic Model